Fair Work Convention

Fair Work Convention Scotland, Effective Voice

Effective Voice

Effective voice is much more than just having a channel of communication available within organisations - though this is important.

Effective voice requires a safe environment where dialogue and challenge are dealt with constructively and where employee views are sought out, listened to and can make a difference.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Opportunity


It is a reasonable aspiration to want work that is fair - and for fair work to be available to everyone. Fair opportunity allows people to access and progress in work and employment and is a crucial dimension of fair work

Meeting legal obligations in terms of ensuring equal access to work and equal opportunities in work sets a minimum floor for fair work.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Security


Security of employment, work and income are important foundations of a successful life.

Predictability of working time is often a component of secure working arrangements.

While no one has complete security and stability of employment, income and work, security is an important aspect of fair work.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Fulfilment


For many people, work is a fulfilling part of their life. For others, work tasks, working conditions and the work environment make work unfulfilling.

Access to work that is as fulfilling as it is capable of being is an important aspiration of the Fair Work agenda. People have different views of what type of work is fulfilling for them.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Respect


Fair work is work in which people are respected and treated respectfully, whatever their role and status.

Respect involves recognising others as dignified human beings and recognising their standing and personal worth.

At its most basic, respect involves ensuring the health, safety and well-being of others.

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Case Studies


JMJ is a family owned and run business, established in 1989, located in the Borders. Following an unsuccessful application from the Employability & Skills Service (ESS) for employment for a young person, the company offered a short term work placement to provide work experience but with no guarantee of a job, while ESS provided support with work clothing and tools. The work placement offered practical experience and insight as well as support in acquiring soft skills. After two weeks on a work trial, this young person was offered and accepted their first job with continued support being provided by the company.

As the business owner, noted: "The important factor for success in working with young people from difficult backgrounds is the ability to communicate well with them. As a small business the personal approach works, taking an interest in them, respecting them and showing faith in them. Small things like sitting with them at lunch time and including them in any wider social activities. Being aware of their background and the issues they may have outwith the workplace and being willing to not give up on them at the first hurdle. From an employers' perspective it is important to have the opportunity to be able to access funding in order to recruit some of the most difficult and vulnerable young people, as this allows you to build up their skills and knowledge over the period. When I was approached to consider a work trial for this young person before committing to employing, I thought if don't give them a chance who will?".


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