Fair Work Convention

Fair Work Convention Scotland, Effective Voice

Effective Voice

Effective voice is much more than just having a channel of communication available within organisations - though this is important.

Effective voice requires a safe environment where dialogue and challenge are dealt with constructively and where employee views are sought out, listened to and can make a difference.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Opportunity


It is a reasonable aspiration to want work that is fair - and for fair work to be available to everyone. Fair opportunity allows people to access and progress in work and employment and is a crucial dimension of fair work

Meeting legal obligations in terms of ensuring equal access to work and equal opportunities in work sets a minimum floor for fair work.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Security


Security of employment, work and income are important foundations of a successful life.

Predictability of working time is often a component of secure working arrangements.

While no one has complete security and stability of employment, income and work, security is an important aspect of fair work.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Fulfilment


For many people, work is a fulfilling part of their life. For others, work tasks, working conditions and the work environment make work unfulfilling.

Access to work that is as fulfilling as it is capable of being is an important aspiration of the Fair Work agenda. People have different views of what type of work is fulfilling for them.

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Fair Work Convention Scotland, Respect


Fair work is work in which people are respected and treated respectfully, whatever their role and status.

Respect involves recognising others as dignified human beings and recognising their standing and personal worth.

At its most basic, respect involves ensuring the health, safety and well-being of others.

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Case Studies

Loretto Care

Loretto Care is a subsidiary of Loretto Housing Association, part of The Wheatley Group, which is Scotland's leading housing, care and property management provider. Their vision is "making homes and lives better". Loretto Care provides care and support services to around 2,000 people across Scotland, employing over 500 staff.

Loretto considers their staff to be their most valued resource and aims to be an employer of choice in the care sector. This includes providing competitive salaries at Living Wage or above and offering permanent contracts and good work-life balance to support their provision of high quality service. Staff are fully involved in organisational decision making and effective two way communication between staff and senior managers, in all areas of the business, is crucial for delivering their strategies and positive outcomes for all.

Management believe that their Investors in People Gold Award recognises the excellence of the systems they rely on to attract, support, manage, train and retain staff, which result in a 92% employee retention rate. The organisation regularly evaluates and benchmarks progress and performance against other care providers.

"Our care and support staff work with people when they may be most vulnerable, and our workforce reflects strong social values, diversity and gender balance. We recognise everyone is different, each of us is unique and we like that. We have a long commitment to ensuring their staff, have a happy, healthy, safe workplace". Initially involved in Scotland Health at Work (SHAW), the organisation have gone on to achieve a Bronze and Silver Mental Health Commendation and a Gold Healthy Working Lives Awards.

A three-year health, safety and wellbeing strategy was co-produced with employees and the Healthy Working Lives Group proactively implement this at a local level, promoting and encouraging participation and involvement in their own health and wellbeing. There is currently a 94% participation rate within the workforce.

Loretto say "social care is life changing work, and our staff go the extra mile for the people we support. They are truly our biggest asset and investment - we do as much as we possibly can to recruit the right people and then retain them within the organisation, support individuals' development and make their career in care a positive, healthy happy one".


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